Debt Collection and Debt Defence

Debt Collection

Both individuals and companies may require advice in relation to recovering monies owing to them.  This is of particular importance in the current economic climate where cash flow is a problem for many.

Our solicitors can advise you on the procedures for bringing debt collection proceedings to recover a debt, the time involved, the approximate costs and how best to enforce judgment against the debtor.

In all cases an initial letter is sent to the debtor, calling on them to pay the sum due within a certain period, failing which legal proceedings to recover the debt will be initiated.

The value of the debt will determine in which court proceedings are to be issued.
- District Court: for all debts up to €15000
- Circuit Court: for all debts up to €75,000
- High Court: for all debts over €75,000

The procedure in each court is different.  In some cases, it may not be worthwhile pursuing a debtor where there is little chance of recovery or of enforcing any judgment obtained against the debtor.  Through their experience in this area, our solicitors’ advice is an invaluable tool in helping you to decide what action to take in each particular circumstance.

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Debt Defence

Individuals and companies can benefit from instructing us in relation to debt difficulties.  We can assist in assessing whether creditors are dealing correctly with the debtor client, ensuring extra charges, penalties and interest are not being improperly imposed, and that false claims and unjustified repossessions are not occurring, advising how best to deal with receivers or liquidators, and negotiating with creditors and exploring the legal options available to defer or delay the realisation of security or repossession of property.

Our firm has acted in the following areas and can advise on
• Examinership
• Receivers and liquidators
• Debt defence
• Negotiation with Creditors

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